Monday, 5 October 2009

August Rush

When visiting New York, I went on a Movie Tour and the guide kept mentioning this film and how good it was, which made me want to see it even more than I did already.

The film is based around a young boy called Evan , who after being in an orphanage for 12 years is determined to find his parents. Other boys in his dorm tease him as he believes that he can hear his parents playing to him. I found this quite strange at the beginning, but as the film progresses you come to understand the way Evan's mind works. The child of a famous cellist and guitar player, you would expect that he would be musically talented, and that he most definitely is. It turns out that he's a musical prodigy, with an extraordinary talent, giving himself the stage name 'August Rush.

This film is full of ups and downs, you feel for this little boy as he makes his way through New York trying to fulfill his dream to reconnect with his parents. I can't believe how good Freddie Highmore (Evan) was in this film. He probably would have been about 12 when making August Rush, but with his acting ability, you would have thought he was at least 15. It's inspiring that someone so young can have such a raw talent, I wish that I could have been that driven at his age.

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