Thursday, 1 October 2009


I recently bought a packet of revels and wondered whether or not they were still doing their clever advertising flavour evictions. On entering the site I was surprised that I had to enter my d.o.b. apparently it's for over 12's only, which I don't really understand as there's nothing harmful on there. In fact, theres games on this website which I would have thought too easy and boring for the 12's +. But nevertheless, I really enjoyed this website. I liked the way you could interact with the space, by pressing on different chocolates lead you through to a different destination. You twist and whirl around this stripy box you seem to be in, which I found to look reasonably simple, but kept me amused for a while. Overall a fun little site, shame that the eviction was over, I would have liked to kick out orange. I was disappointed also to see that even though people have voted out coffee, it's somehow made it's way back again.

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