Saturday, 3 October 2009


I found this website when researching different design companies around the North West. LOVE is one of the most famous design agencies in the UK, with clients such as Playstation, Nike, Nandos, Microsoft and Yorkshire Tea. You would expect a company such as this to have a well developed website, which they do, but it's not what I expected. The first thing you will see is a note sayin that it's a website created in power point, which you notice throughout with the sounds and transitions. It's funny because when designing a presentation people tell you to avoid such things, but it seems to really work here.

The home page is very simple as you can see from the top picture, with only a few words and it's also an easy site to navigate through, but that's definitely a good thing. There's nothing I hate more than not understanding a website and having to really search for something.

Generally I just love the fresh simple feeling this website portrays. It's different and fun which I think, by the look of their work, reflects the company well.

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